00. Dangerous & Exciting Times | Introduction | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

These are dangerous times to be exercising our “unalienable rights” and/or “civil rights” in the united states of America. These are also exciting and momentous times to be alive while taking a courageous stand for freedom. As Bob Dylan’s classic song wisely said, “The times they are a changing”. 

Although not self-evident via the manipulative media, the tide is shifting quickly away from the tyranny of centralized authority and moving toward restoring freedom for all the people. Eventually, the chains of human bondage will be broken and a more courageously enlightened generation will unleash a mighty power on this most precious and sacred Earth. 

Lovers of liberty, may we stand up and be counted. Stand up for your freedom, your rights, your “sovereignty”. Challenge “external authority”, question the narrative, and resist the New World Order. Reexamine your belief systems and free yourself from mental slavery. Make friends, not enemies. Have compassion.

Freedom in America

Whatever happened to freedom in the united states of America? Today, it is rarely found in our civil society. Many of our political leaders are too ignorant of the principles of this country, thus, too corrupt, blind and/or cowardly to protect or defend our most precious rights. Many are bent on destroying the U.S. Constitution and shredding it for their own self-interest and power.

Freedom in America is not found in a comfortable citizenry, a brainwashed, stupefied public without the knowledge or willpower to defend their most basic self-interest, rights and freedom, too willing to accept their conditioning and indoctrination without questioning authority or the source of their beliefs. 

A life unquestioned and unexamined is hardly a life worth living. The COVID-19 “plandemic” was a huge boon for awakening the people. Those who did not awaken remain “woke”, living in the dark. The truth of human existence on the Earth has been profoundly revealing itself for millennia, now obvious and self-evident for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Why listen to so-called experts, false ideals, or fake prophets for the answers? Answers are not to be found there. Freedom in America is not to be found on the evening news, or the internet. Alternative viewpoints and solutions are emerging, and it is there you may find hope, prayers, and answers for the future. Many of the visionary leaders are often hard to find, but they exist all around you. These new leaders are not born, but made by fire, trials, and tribulations. 

Desire Freedom and Truth

How much do we desire freedom? How much do we desire sovereignty? How much do we love ourselves? We have a choice: to examine our life, our beliefs, and to learn from history, or be condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past. How many people will die without knowing deep purpose in their lives? How many more will suffer lack on this Earth while potentially living in the land of plenty?

How long will we sleepwalk through our human existence? When will we awaken to the loud drumbeat for freedom, sovereignty, and consciousness that is emerging worldwide? 

How long will we turn our backs on a friend, a neighbor, a family member, or our country? When will we stand courageously beside them? For if we do not stand for others in times of need, who will stand for us? The courage and sacrifice that created the united states of America will make this country great again in an even more profound way than before. However, there is much work to be done.

Everybody Wins, No Plunder

From this moment forward imagine all the people of the Earth succeeding.  Everybody can win. This is our vision for the future. There is plenty for everyone. There is no need for racism, bigotry, war, or more genocides of indigenous cultures. The future is inclusive, not exclusive, however, every one must respect the rights, culture, contributions, and/or property of others as well as their own. 

There can be no more “legal plunder”, no more laws passed to justify stealing from one, then giving to another. Each and every one is responsible for their own co-creation, their own productivity, and the consequences of their actions. There is a higher “Natural law”, and to be happy and free we must abide by that.

By protecting the life, liberty and property of your neighbors, as well as your own, we will receive protection and support. Plunder, and we shall all be plundered by the New World Order. My friends, this is the “golden rule” in action.

Honesty Please, No Tyranny

May there be honesty and integrity. There has been enough lies, deceit, and dishonesty by those in the elite’s Power structure as they foist a grand illusion upon us. Enough of the false promises of protection, security and safety which have catapulted us more dangerously toward the destruction of our freedoms. May we tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. May we make a sacred vow to not only speak, but listen to the truth.

If we fail to notice the signs, the writing on the wall, then we may fail to notice that our liberty and property are under attack, not by enemies from foreign countries, but from enemies within our own own “government”.

Government as a Fraud

Today, “government” is a monumental fraud. The “income tax” is a fraud. Political leaders are fraudulent. May we stop believing in the lies. This Sovereign’s Handbook was born with a mission: to reveal the often hidden truths about history, law, economics, finances and politics, so one can reclaim one’s “unalienable rights” as a sovereign human being.

May we finally tell the truth about the state of our world. This book is dedicated to all freedom fighters and lovers of freedom and truth – for without these pioneers and warriors, this once free America will most certainly be lost.


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  3. Note: “Unalienable rights” are inherent, sovereign rights that cannot be “liened” or encumbered by any legislative “statute”.

Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.16 – 17


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