02. Herd Mentality & Hassle-Free Zone | Individual Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

We the People are all part of the same unified consciousness whether we are aware of it or not. Divisions, polarizations and separations are created in our minds. These divisions, polarizations and separations many people have adopted have allowed a small number of people at the top of the Power structure to control the destiny of the planet and most of its inhabitants. We are long overdue for a spiritual awakening to heal this divide between us and them. 

Lord, please save us from organized religion. Religion is one of the greatest forms of mind control throughout the ages by the organized manipulation of fear, guilt and shame in their followers. Even legacy media has become very “cult-like” with followers adhering to one source of news and ignoring the others. Spirituality, or direct connection with Source consciousness is distinctly the opposite of organized religion.

Many people have been terrorized into denying who they really are. From birth to death we are taught to conform, to be comfortable and to live within the “hassle-free” zone. All societies and dogmas, religious or political are generally less “hassle-free” if you conform. Those who conform are pretty much left alone because they are not perceived as a threat to the established order. This “herd mentality” allows the rule of much of the world by a few masterful manipulators. 

Those who conform without questioning authority are easily herded by persistent conditioning and through fear the same way a shepherd herds his flock with a big stick (i.e., conditioning) and use their sheep dogs (i.e., police) to keep the herd in line. With this method, those who conform move consistently and reliably in the direction the Power structure intends for you. 

For example, if the Power structure wants to take us in a particular direction it will create a “problem” (e.g., 911, wars, pandemics etc.). Then the legacy media will whip up the “problem” to the point of mass hysteria, after which the compliant react with “Something must be done! What are ‘they’ going to do about it”.  

Of course, another external force gets the blame for creating the problem and the Power structure is entirely off-the-hook and takes no responsibility whatsoever. Then Power structure steps in to rescue us with an already preconceived solution (e.g., USA Patriot Act, War on Terrorism, COVID-19 Response) and takes us one more deep step towards centralized, totalitarian world government. 

This has happened thousands of times throughout history/herstory and rarely are the perpetrators ever noticed. And if the perpetrators are noticed, those awake enough to notice are quickly accused of being “conspiracy theorists” and nut-cases.

Each decade, we inch one-step closer to the New World Order (NWO), the Deep State DS) with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the usA now federalizing all police and military forces within the U.S. in a perpetual war on terrorism both abroad and at home. This was the intended result all along. 


These simple and well-planned strategies for controlling large populations have been orchestrated for generations by the Power structure. When the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) wants us to line up feverishly at the clinic and get our annual flu or COVID-19 “jabs”, they whip up a mass frenzy through the legacy media that a pandemic is happening. It does not matter if the pandemic does not ever fully materialize, because the intended result was achieved. 

The Power structure always creates a “problem” to get the desired response. We the Sheeple react, line up to get our “jabs” even if the real pandemic has been caused by the so-called vaccine itself. Wake up people!

As David Icke says so profoundly in his book, The Truth Shall Set You Free, “Gradually, stepping stone by stepping stone our liberties and our sensibilities erode and We the Sheeple are led down an unholy road giving our power away at every step in the dance. Frighten them and the people will demand their power be taken from them. We have grown comfortable at ‘giving our power away’ and denying ourselves. This is what’s perceived as ‘normal’ – the status quo. Once the mindset is there, it defends the norm whatever the hassle-free zone considers reality”.


Policing Ourselves

Unfortunately, We the People tend to be more afraid of what other people think of us than what we think of ourselves. If we step out of the herd and go our own way, dance to the beat of our own drummer, others will notice and they might not like us anymore. 

If you evacuate the “hassle-free zone” and have a mind of your own, do your own thinking and come to your own conclusions, then the compliant may not approve. You might ask yourself, “What would the other slaves think if I was free. Gee whiz, mom and dad will not approve”.  And quite possibly our closest friends, lovers, perhaps even our own children will hate us for going our own way. Are we really so weak, so cowardly that we cannot step out and live our own lives?  

Far too often we police each other into compliance, into following the rules (instead of being sovereign and making the rules). A small handful of elites can not rule the world unless We the People are willing partners in the plan. If one of us does not go along with the plan, we police each other into conformity. We maintain the prison at all costs, even to our own peace of mind. 

For if we ever actually faced the truth, our lives would be ripped apart and that would be a big hassle. We would rather live in the “hassle-full zone” than challenge the established order and ruling class. 

Is it not time to question authority and ask ourselves why? The source of war on this planet is within our psyches, torn between conformity and freedom. These prisons have no walls except the psychological walls we have built within.

“Don’t let the system fool you, all they want to do is rule you.” ~ Bruce Cockburn

As David Icke says so wisely in his book, The Truth Shall Set You Free, “Due to the compartmentalization of our institutions in the form of a pyramid, where the people at the bottom don’t know what the people on the next level up are doing, very few have ever ‘connected the dots’. Only a handful of people at the very top ever have the whole picture. Most interface with government is with the clerks in the front office who haven’t a clue what their agency ever does. They are the frontline of the mindset. Do what you are told. Ask no questions. Give no answers or legal advice”.

Is it not time to ask, what stands as the truth in our lives? How much more needless drama and oppression will we tolerate due to accepting herd consciousness, do not rock the boat mindsets and do not question authority mentality. These attitudes have created mountains of suffering for humanity and the destruction of many beautiful ecosystems of this planet. And what will ever stop this rush to extinction, until we face ourselves and awaken to our true sovereignty and power?


  1. A special thanks to David Icke. This section excerpted largely from The Truth Shall Set You Freeby David Icke (Bridge of Love, Cambridge, 1995); David Icke | The Answer (book) & How They Pulled Off the Pandemic (animated film).
  2. Lyrics from an album by Bruce Cockburn, Stealing Fire.
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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.57-59


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