02. Emotional & Spiritual Sovereignty | Individual Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

“First of all, it means liberation, freedom. A state of emotional sovereignty is obtained when a person recognizes, both intellectually and emotionally, that he or she is the total creator of his/her reality and has sole responsibility for him/herself.” ~ St. Germaine & Llyssa Royal, Spiritual Sovereignty

A well of sadness and sorrow runs deep in this heart of hearts for the needless suffering of humanity. A river of tears has been shed for the struggles, the sorrows of other sentient beings throughout the whole of human history/herstory. These tears include this “I” as a true human being whose lofty, valiant dreams, like many, have been destroyed by selfishness, foolishness and organized government. 

Old friends, having a good cry is healthy, human and holy. Like it or not human beings are emotional beings born of water, salt and ocean which equates to “emotion”. Being emotionally sovereign is essential to a healthy, optimum human life. R. Buckminster Fuller once pointed out in a lecture I attended in 1969 that there were three creatures on the planet with the same composition of salt water tears – dolphins, whales and human beings. An interesting evolutionary coincidence indeed.


May each one of us learn how to express our emotions authentically, compassionately, kindly, without projecting or blaming other people. There are times when this “I” walks the streets and it seems like human emotions are dead or buried. Is there really no feeling left, no connection, or are we masters at disguising, hiding and repressing our emotions? 

The loss of human and planetary potential, the destruction of what is inherently beautiful on this planet proceeds at an alarming pace. For these lost possibilities, I grieve deeply. For our persistent belief in a death worshipping culture, I grieve even more so. 

At times, we are unconscious of ourselves and what is possible in this world of ours. When will we awaken and feel the loss so we may create anew? This “I” grieves the sadness in this heart and the pain accumulated throughout history/herstory. Any transgression against one of us is a transgression against all of us.

May each one open to receive the healing (i.e., wholeness) for ourselves and each other. Without emotional healing, all effort at reclaiming our sovereignty internally or externally will be futile. May we reclaim sovereignty first and foremost from the inside out. Yes, having feelings is human. Yes, being human is Divine. Yes, being emotionally sovereign is essential for self-actualization.

May each one release the limbic imprint of fear and terror accumulated through generations of negative energy. This is essential for the cleansing, purification and the rejuvenation of the human spirit. It takes more than an intellectual or mental process to purge the human psyche of the conditioning that no longer serves.

May each one release all fear-based conditioning. Create the time for healing (e.g., massage, rebirthing, hypnotherapy) or any other health regime that works. May each one get to the emotional and spiritual roots that stops us from being emotionally sovereign and truly free. 

The greatest secret may be that once these are all released and healed, a  huge well of joy will be unleashed to generate positive energy (i.e., love and light) and then this gift can be given to the world surrounding you. There is only one of us!

Emotional Affirmations

  1. I take responsibility for all my emotions and feelings.
  2. I release all withhold emotions into the earth, not into others.
  3. I allow for wobbles and imperfections in my life.
  4. I accept the love and emotional support of those around me.
  5. I accept the friendship and confidence of those around me.
  6. I trust the power of regeneration and healing in my body.
  7. I welcome full union with my beloved.
  8. I continue toward my full goals even through moments of collapse, confusion and failure.
  9. I love myself absolutely in all situations. 

Spiritual Affirmations

  1. I am part of a connected universe.
  2. I am part of infinite intelligence and call upon it as a resource.
  3. I have personal meaning in the realm of the Divine.
  4. I am free from the prisons of blind faith and belief.
  5. By clinging to a small part I deprive myself of the unity of all. I can surrender to my greater beingness.
  6. I walk upon my own path of discovery and exploration, trusting all of creation, remembering who I am and where I came from.
  7. There is only One of Us.

Beautiful Angel.
Queen of my Soul.
Bringing the peace of the dove.
Into my heart, abundant love. 
O’ White Winged One.
Queen of the waterfalls.
Raising a chalice of wine,
Tasting the presence of the Divine.
Sweet, Beloved Friend.
Lord of my Heart.
Singing the mystery awake.
Together we shall, fly away.
~ “Earth Angel” by Johnny Light from “Songs of the Soul”


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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.59-61


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