01. Media Literacy & Internet Activism | Reclaiming the Sovereign Mind | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

Karl Marx once said that “religion is the opiate of the people”. Today, news and entertainment are the opiates of the people along with pharmaceuticals, drug addiction, sex, rock n’ roll and religion. Today, American media culture is the most pervasive and persuasive in the world well beyond our borders internationally.

We the People have become habitually addicted to the mass consumption of images, sound bites and snacks while often ignoring reality during the commercial breaks. An estimated 19% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States is spent annually on marketing and advertising.

Media Manipulation & Manufacturing Lies

The American mind has been systematically overwhelmed and closed by continual bombardment by the legacy media. The American people have become terrified of  COVID-19, viruses, drug cartels, terrorists, conspiracy theorists, crime in the streets, gang warfare and sexual assault to name only a few media generated fears. Human beings are extremely susceptible to influence by the media.

Through character assassination,  manufacturing facts, evidence and news stories, the media  has the power to frame up any individual or a group as a culprit for the public to lynch them in their minds. 

Many good people have been framed for political purposes. Donald J. Trump was a prime example of how the legacy media made half the country hate him without considering another perspective. To mention his name or support anything he did resulted in a hateful glare from half the country. He wasn’t perfect, but had many policies that helped people and the country. Media has too much power and uses that power for destruction, not for good.

Other people were convicted in the court of public opinion without a fair trial or due process (e.g., Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Michael Jackson, Osho). Their stories have been distorted and recorded as “enemies of the State”.  Even Wikipedia falls prey to character assassination by labeling “conspiracy theorists” who disagree with the mainstream narrative.

Too many people have cognitive dissonance so extreme they can no longer tell the difference between hype or lies, substance or fact (e.g., JFK assassination, 911, COVID-19). We the People must take a stand for truth based on facts and evidence.

”We’re entertaining ourselves to death under the gray sky.” ~ Bruce Cockburn

Framing the Facts with Lies 

Legacy media and disinformation agents accuse, frame and convict innocent people with innuendo and smear campaigns intent on discrediting, without trial, without indictment by a grand jury, without substantial evidence to support their case. Leaders with alternative views come to expect this kind of treatment and must fight actively to manage their reputation and maintain credibility.

Bold-faced lies suffice as facts if enough people speak it. This is quickly becoming standard practice in the legal profession as well as the legacy media. Prosecutors frame the facts with bold-faced lies in indictments to assure a conviction at trial. We the People must demand accountability and honesty in the court of public opinion and courts of law.

“Fake news” are lies or distorted facts presented as news. The aim is to damage the reputation of a person or entity, or make money by advertising. The prevalence of “fake news” has increased with the rise of social media, especially Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. “Fake news” reduces the impact of real news and often receives higher ratings.

Fact checking organizations with political bias paid for by political operatives within social media companies, are springing up on the internet to debunk false stories and to censor the truth.

Discrediting the Source

Beware of individuals and organizations discrediting legitimate sources of news, people and information. Pay closer attention to the message less to the messenger. Become media literate and discern fake news from real news.

Legacy media hungers for shock therapy, sensational stories and headlining the crime-of-the-week. It tempts them into the business of lie-making, fear mongering, demonizing, dehumanizing and deadly deception. Viewers and readers beware. Always review, think and read between the lines of the message. As Marshall McLuhan once declared in the sixties, “The media is the message”.

Media as the Fourth Branch 

In the state and federal U.S. system, there are three branches of government. The fourth branch of government is a free and independent press, the vanguard of liberty. Instead of being the source of repression and negative news reporting,  legacy media and the alternative press should be harnessed to inform, educate, entertain, inspire and liberate the sleeping giants of the world. 

Unfortunately, the media is used to advertise, control and harness the energy of the “economic slaves” as portrayed in the classic film, The Matrix. We the People keep the media in power and make them enormous profits by consuming their products. 

The media exists to serve the needs and goals of the Global Power structure so the elite may live long and prosper. Power structures and the elite are energy controllers, vampires and leeches. These structures, institutions and people need to control, dominate, conquer, exploit and use others to survive at their desired “standard of living” and power.  Subverting the will of the people and implementing the directives of the Global Power structure and the elite is the only real occupation of our political leaders, public schools and the media. 

Without human beings actualizing the power of their own volition, public attention can be directed, like a cheap magicians trick, to continue fostering the illusion. The Global Power structure and the elite, through their stooge politicians, use the media to manipulate public opinion, and incidentally, get elected over and over again.

“The function of the media in the United States is to inculcate and defend the economic, social, and political agenda of privileged groups that dominate the domestic society and the state.” ~ Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent

Restoring Media Literacy & Private Intelligence

What can we do? 

First, we can withdraw consent and attention from the television, the internet and the daily news. We must restore our own will power and live deliberately from day-to-day. May we examine or beliefs, challenge our ignorance, indoctrination and conditioning and begin thinking for ourselves. By doing so we create original thoughts and ideas to manifest our preferred reality. This is an ideal way to navigate through life. 

Second, we can organize powerful communications networks, independent news services, archives, libraries, research sites and community-based source centers. We can organize these locally, regionally and globally to effectively counter the media assault upon the strained sensibilities of the American people and the world.

The brainwashing, programming, propaganda and perpetual war machine waged against America and the rest of the world has been highly effective and expensive for the Global Power structure to maintain. It consumes a lot of energy, resources and time to keep the people fed twenty-four hours a day with lies and deceit. 

Third, we can empower the free world to organize, communicate and network through every tool possible in a decentralized, private and secure way. Despite the internet and social media let us not forget to continue to read books and write journals as these skills are still important.

Take inventory of the best news sources, people, projects, programs and media worldwide and make these available as opportunities and solutions arise. Communications networking is our greatest wild card for stopping the encroachment of the New World Order (NWO) and restoring freedom around the world.

The Internet was Birthed for Freedom

The Internet began with the development of electronic computers in the 1950’s at UCLA and Stanford Research Institute. In 1982 TCP/IP was standardized and the concept of interconnected networks was introduced.  It was born in 1969 with funding from the Pentagon to facilitate post-nuclear communications in the event of a nuclear blast.

In 1989, World Wide Web <www> protocol was introduced and popularized when the first Netscape browser was developed and introduced for free in 1993. This was the same year this author bought his first 128k Macintosh computer. 

In the last three decades the Internet has proven itself to be a fast track to freedom – from zero to light speed. In many ways, it has leveled the playing field for those willing to organize powerful movements for change and innovation. It has created millions of good jobs, industries and businesses for entrepreneurs. Freedom of speech and expression is “out of control” and a double-edged sword in this Age of Information.

As of this writing, there is still no central internet hub and anarchy rules with some restrictions in the U.S. although the National Security Administration (NSA) has taken great strides in funneling all phone and cellular data through their supercomputers for data mining and surveillance purposes.

Net Neutrality & Digital Rights

Principles of “net-neutrality” were overturned during the Trump Administration which benefited large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporations now paying for larger bandwidth than other consumers.

“Digital rights” are defined as being able to express what one is passionate about without internet censorship by large social media platforms and gatekeepers. The current trend is away from freedom and towards censorship and totalitarian control. China has already deployed the most sophisticated and aggressive internet censorship and control regime in the world with a social credit system. Other countries, including the U.S., appear to be on the same totalitarian pathway.

Currently, there are 4.57 billion active internet users encompassing 59% of the world’s population. There’s no longer any excuse for media illiteracy.

Personal Networking & Reporting the News

Word of mouth is still the most powerful communications tool in a closely knit community of friends and neighbors. Connecting people to people with common interests, needs and goals can be the source of great happiness and a key to organizing global, regional and local communications networks such as “Source Centers”.

Let us not forget the human dimension of communication and the interaction of heart, mind and soul. Integrity is the key. Thoughts, words and deeds must be in alignment for your truth to be communicated effectively. Utilize all available communications tools and resources, above ground and underground to spread your message to all the people. 

The New World Order (NWO) and Deep State (DS) does not want to see the light of day or the truth revealed of what is actually happening behind the scenes. Keep the cell phones and video cameras rolling whenever confronting the government or anyone who is taking your freedom, your rights or property. This is beginning to happen now more than ever before.

“If you are not thinking ‘out of the box’, you are not thinking.” ~ John David Van Hove


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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.35 – 38


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