01. Censorship & Security Issues | Reclaiming the Sovereign Mind | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

Censorship is deployed to prevent or dissuade alternative narratives an opportunity to be expressed or shared by suppressing information necessary to make a decision. 

Censorship may involve the outright removal of content, labeling content as false or misleading, the denial of airtime or funding, setting time limits on debates, shouting matches on television, overt threats of litigation, limits on subject matter, a seven-second delay for live radio or television or public humiliation, discrediting ones character or false accusations. This may occur in the legacy or social media or via the internet.

Advertisers influence the media in a similar way by excluding negative reporting on their companies. Bill Gates spent $250 million in grants to the media to accomplish exactly that for their foundation. Do you still wonder why you have not heard any real news lately?

Censorship may prevent the ears from hearing opinions or ideas already prejudged as controversial, invalid or inappropriate, but it also prevents the possibility of intelligent dialogue, conversation, solutions and coalition building. Labeling a narrative or theory a “conspiracy theory” stops the thinking process for many people who will assume the idea or theory is blatantly incorrect or invalid. This is a form of censorship.

In addition to media censorship, we censor each other into compliance and conformity with social pressure, thus denying the free expression of ideas. This mindset begins at home, in families, relationships, churches and schools. When was the last time you had an intelligent conversation on a controversial subject without feeling attacked, and/or invalidated by those closest to you? 

Unfortunately censorship paints us into a corner with nowhere to go. Are we so insecure about our point of view that we must prevent others from expressing theirs?

Book removals on Amazon, book purging at colleges and university libraries and  blacklisting classic literature is on the rise due to legions of politically correct “thought police” strutting around these institutions of higher learning and complaining to the authorities.

Internet censorship is also rapidly on the rise with the largest internet gatekeepers such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and their respective fact-checking organizations, deleting, removing or labeling content, even other news channels, that either disagree with the mainstream narrative or are not in alignment with corporate politics. 

Facebook and Twitter have large followings in China and Vietnam, countries where those networks are blocked by their respective governments. 31% of internet users worldwide use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is credited as an enabler for Chinese internet users to circumvent website blocks.

Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Edward Snowden & NSA Disclosures

Julian Assange and the Wikileaks organization began a bold experiment in restoring accountability to the media and reporting news from credible sources the U.S. government could not allow. These disclosures rocked the world and exposed the shadow government’s dealing with not only our purported enemies, but our allies as well.

Julian Assange has paid a dear price for his courage in data dumping hacked files from government sources that shed light on the criminal activity of many of our political leaders. He has become a targeted, international scapegoat for the lack of accountability in governing institutions. He has been imprisoned, deprived and tortured by his UK captors in a prison cell while facing extradition to the U.S for prosecution. Julian Assange should be acknowledged, celebrated and pardoned, not crucified, for this most important work.

Edward Snowden transformed the political conversation about privacy and security concerns through his disclosures as a private contractor with the National Security Agency (NSA). He leaked documents to the Washington Post and The Guardian proving  the NSA had usurped its constitutional and congressional authority by spying on American Citizens and embassies worldwide. These disclosures outraged the U.S. government and the diplomatic cores of affected nations.

Snowden has been in exile at the Russian embassy in Moscow for many years. He cannot return to the U.S. unless he wishes to face a certain conviction and a life sentence for espionage. He should be protected as a whistleblower, celebrated, pardoned and freed as a hero, not treated like a criminal for his disclosures on NSA violations of the law and the U.S. constitution.

“Here will I be bold.  If there’s a power above us (And that there is, all nature cries aloud through all her works.) He must delight in virtue; And that which he delight’s in must be happy.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.39 – 40


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