Volume III

VOLUME III of III: Law & Freedom

CHAPTER 13: American Law
CHAPTER 14: Commercial Law
CHAPTER 15: International Law
CHAPTER 16: Introductory Freedom Tools
CHAPTER 17: Advanced Freedom Tools
CHAPTER 17: Advanced Freedom Tools
CHAPTER 18: Restoring the Republic
CHAPTER 19: Global Visions and Solutions


De Jure Nations Are Defined By Law

  • Definition of De Jure and De Facto
  • Philosophy of a Nation in Action
  • Making Criminals of All Americans
  • Plaintiffs Have the Advantage in Court
  • Anarchy of the Legal System
  • No Justice Expected

Natural Law and Unalienable Rights

  • Basic Tenets of Unalienable Rights
  • Civil Rights Are Not Unalienable Rights
  • Important Comprehension of Law

Basic Law Concepts

  • Language of Law
  • Distinction Between Lawful and Legal
  • Constitution As Law of the Land
  • Constitution As Controlling

Titles of Nobility & Attorneys at-Law

  • Merging Common Law with Equity Procedures
  • Attorneys at-Law As Titles of Nobility
  • Hiding Behind Titles of Nobility

State Legislatures & 17th (or 18th) Amendment

  • Direct Election of U.S. Senators By State Legislatures
  • State Legislatures Deprived of Equal Suffrage
  • Criticism of the 17th (or 18th) Amendment

Two Distinct Jurisdictions in America

  • Kingdom of Hawai’I and Alaska
  • The Oldest Republic: San Marino
  • Other Old Republic: Switzerland
  • Republic of Texas

Sovereign Union states of the Republic

  • Prior to the 14th Amendment, There Were No U.S.citizens in the united states of America
  • Powers Not Specifically Granted to the Federal U.S. Are Strictly Forbidden
  • People of the United States Form the Sovereignty and Hold the Power
  • Irregularities in the Admission of States
  • States Have Sovereign Immunity from Lawsuits in Federal Courts
  • Sovereign states must Reappoint U.S. Senators and Repeal 17th Amendment 

Corporate Federal States and The Buck Act

  • Two Distinct Political Entities
  • Overriding State Law with Federal Law and Jurisdiction

10th Amendment State’s Rights

  • Sample Wording of Oregon Senate Joint Resolution
  • Local & State Nullification of USA Patriot Act
  • Irregular States of the Union

Jury Rights and Who Judges the Law

  • Jury Has the Right to Judge Law and the Facts
  • Grand Jury Determines Whether There is Sufficient Evidence to Warrant a Trial 

Whose Flag is Flying in America Today? 

  • The Law of the Flag is Admiralty / Maritime Law
  • §1 Flag: stripes and stars on
  • Perpetual War Against the American People
  • Gold-Fringed Flag Returned to the Courtroom

American Flag of Peace

  • United States District Court

Distinctions of American Law

  • Three Distinctions of Jurisprudence
    • Common Law
    • Equity Law
    • Admiralty/Maritime Law
    • Military/Martial Law
    • Statutory Law
  • Rules of the Legal Game
    • Civil Action
    • Criminal Action

Due Process and 4th Amendment Rights

  • Miranda Rights
  • Government May Not Deprive An Individual of Life, Liberty or Property
  • Right To Be Secure Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures

5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Amendment Rights

State & Federal Court Systems

  • Types of State Courts
    • Small Claims Court
    • Municipal Courts
    • Specialty Courts (Divorce and Family)
    • Constitutional Courts (“One” Supreme Court)
    • Court of King’s Bench
    • Court of Common Pleas
    • State District Courts
    • State Circuit Courts
    • State Supreme Courts (50)
  • Types of Federal Courts
    • U.S. Federal District Court or District Court of the United States
    • U.S. Court of Appeals (13)
    • U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (D.C.)
    • U.S. Supreme Court (1)
    • U.S. Bankruptcy Courts
    • U.S. Tax Courts
    • U.S. Claims Court
    • U.S. Customs and U.S. Court of International Claims
    • U.S. Patents Appeals Court
    • U.S. Admiralty Courts

Federal Law & United States Code (U.S.C.)

  • Federal Law Only Protects Subjects & Foreigners
  • Positive Law V. Non-Positive Law

Limits of Federal & Federal State Jurisdiction

  • Dual Character of the State
  • Eligibility for State Participation
  • Federal Jurisdiction is Limited
  • Bogus Presumptions

Sovereignty & Separation of Powers

  • Acts of Congress & 11th Amendment
  • Power to Choose Applicable Law

Venue and Jurisdiction

  • Sample Jurisdictional Argument for Municipal Court
  • Sample Statement Challenging Jurisdiction in Court
  • Defenses and Objections

Common Law

  • Court of Common Pleas or Common Law Courts

Invoking Common Law Jurisdiction

  • Article III Judicial Authority
  • Related United States Code, Title 28
  • Supplemental United States Codes
  • Chapter 21 General Provisions- Courts
  • Chapter 42 Recognition of our division of the Courts
  • Chapter 43 Common Law Special Appointments
  • Chapter 49 Common Law Appointments
  • Chapter 117 Letter Rogatory

The Great Writs

  • Writ of Certiorari
    • Writ of Error
    • Writ of Mandamus
    • Quo Warranto

Counsel of Choice

  • Bar Association As Private Club

Underground Lawyers

  • The Laws of Arguing

Constitutional Common Law Courts

  • Sample Common Law “One” Supreme Court Judgments


From Public Law to Public Policy

Color of Law

  • 42 USC §1983. Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights
  • 18 USC §241. Conspiracy Against Rights of Citizens
  • 18 USC §242. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Adhesion Contracts

  • Income Tax Adhesion Contracts
  • Motor Vehicle Adhesion Contracts
  • Establishing Jurisdiction at a Traffic Stop
  • Banking Adhesion Contracts
  • Other Adhesion Contracts
    • Voter’s Registration
    • Marriage License
    • Business Licenses
    • For-Profit Corporations
    • Non-Profit Corporations
    • Selective Service Registration
    • Postal Addresses
    • Presumptions
    • Affidavits
  • Revoke and Rescind All Adhesion Contracts
  • Diversity of Citizenship in Federal Court
  • Perjury Jurat
  • 28 USC 1746. Unsworn Declaration under Penalty of Perjury
  • Road Back to Freedom

Uniform Commercial Code

  • Colorable Law
  • Article III Vs. Article I Courts
  • Remedy & Recourse

Affirmative Defenses

  • Reservation of All Rights Under UCC 1-308
  • Sample Affirmative Defenses
    • Waiver
    • Estoppel
    • Without Prejudice
    • UCC 1-103
    • UCC 2-302.1
    • UCC 3-305.2
    • Presentment
    • UCC 3-401.1
    • UCC 3-403.42
    • UCC 3-505
    • UCC 3-505.4
    • UCC 3-505.5
    • UCC 3-601.3
    • UCC 3-608
    • UCC 2-609.4
  • Patriot Attorney Dismisses the UCC
  • Right Way L.A.W. and Refusal for Cause

Attorneys or Title 42 Lawyers

  • Regard for Attorneys
  • Elected Officials As Attorneys
  • Bankrupt Legal System
  • Attorneys No Longer Practice Law
  • Public Interest Law Organizations
  • Title 42 Lawyers
    • Counsel
    • Advocate
    • Barrister
    • Attorney
  • Attorneys As Unregistered Foreign Agents
  • Bar Code of Ethics Lacking
  • Judges and Assemblymen Further Destroy the Judicial Process
  • Another Bad Lawyer Joke

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: International Law

International Law of Nations

  • Republican Form of Government
  • Law of Nations

Counter-Claims & Cross-Libels in Admiralty/Maritime

  • Admiralty / Maritime Claims
  • 18 USC §1652. Citizens as pirates
  • InRem Seizures

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Introductory Tools for Freedom

Introduction to Freedom Tools

  • Administration Before Litigation

Verified Affidavits and Constructive Legal Notices

  • County Recorders

Quiet Title Action

  • Res Judicata

Refusals for Fraud and Notices of Default

  • Judicial Notice for Refusal for Cause / Fraud
  • Domicile, Not Residence
  • Duty to Respond
  • Notice of Default

Non-Statutory Abatements

  • Refuting Government Presumptions

Right To Travel

Police and The Traffic Stop

  • Sworn to Uphold the U.S. Constitution
  • Color of Uniform
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Right to Travel
  • Color of Law
  • Arbitrary Citations
  • Reservation of All Rights
  • Traffic Stop is Not An Arrest
  • Duties and Powers of County Sheriff

Oaths of Office

  • Sample Oath of Office

False Arrest & Imprisonment

  • Actual and Punitive Damages

Writ of Habeas Corpus

  • Elements of a Good Writ
  • District Court of the United States
  • Savings to Suitors

Petition for Redress of Grievances

  • Tax Honesty Movement

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Advanced Tools for Freedom

Getting Your Business in Order

  • Opening a Non-Domestic, Individual W-8 Bank Account
  • Opening a Non-Domestic, Business W-8 Bank Account
  • Offshore Banking
  • Traveling with Cash
  • Exercise Restraint with Credit Cards
  • Business Licenses
  • For-Profit Corporations and Common Law Contracts
  • Non-Profit Corporations and the IRS

Tax Liabilities

Allodial Titles & Land Patents

  • Federal Liens and Property Taxes
  • Deeds and Conveyances
  • Economic Sovereignty and Lawful Money
  • Protection from Foreclosures and Mortgage Fraud
  • Are Land Patents Valid?
  • Handling the Tax Assessor

Estate Planning

  • Types of Trusts
    • Testamentary Trust
    • Inter Vivos or Living Trust
    • Indentured Family Trust
    • Common Law Trust
    • Parliamentary Trust
    • Statutory Trust
    • Joint Stock Trust
    • Joint Stock Trust / Not For Profit
    • Sovereign Trust
    • Ultra-Sovereign Canon Law Trust
    • Land Trust
    • Offshore Trust
    • Pure Business Trust

Foreign Trusts Explained

  • How Is A Trust Created?
  • Divesting Corporations Into Trusts
  • Avoiding Corporate Attributes
  • Do Not Structure Trusts or Foreign Entities to Avoid Creditors, Court Judgments or the IRS
  • Exchanging, Conveying, Acquiring or Gifting Property
  • Avoid Fraudulent Conveyances

Restructuring in Foreign Entities

  • Foreign Entities
  • Domestic Statutory or Living Trusts
  • Non-Domestic and Foreign Offshore Trusts

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Restore the Constitutional Republic

Take Back Your Country and World

  • Enough Coercion and Criminalization
  • Restore Accountability in Government
  • True History of the United States
  • Teach Our Children Well
  • Participate in the Republic
  • Shocking, Revolutionary Truths

Challenge Illegal Activities of the Government

  • Restore Integrity in the Justice System
  • Protect and Defend National Sovereignty
  • Sold to the Highest Bidder

Abolish the Federal Reserve System

  • The Federal Reserve & U.S. Government Win Big While Citizens Lose It All
  • Huge Pyramid Scheme
  • Warehouse Banking and Receipts
  • Buy Out The Federal Reserve Bank
  • Petition for Redress of Grievances

Emergency and War Powers Act

  • Repeal the War Powers Acts
  • Defeat the New World Order
  • Sovereignty Movement
  • Defeat Emergency Power Bills
  • U.S. Senate Still Does Nothing to Terminate Emergency Powers

Restoring a Constitutional, Sound Money System

  • Take Back Our Country
  • Reclaim Individual Sovereignty
  • Economic Recovery

County Home Rule

  • Sovereign Counties
  • Resolutions are Not Law
  • Counties and States Subject to Debt

Jural Societies and Townships

  • Common Purpose or Geographic
  • Lands Are Free from the State

Jural Societies & Townships

Restoring the Constitutional Republic

  • The Light of Liberty
  • Freedom From World Government
  • Freedom From Public Education
  • Sovereignty Is Key
  • Government is Obsolete
  • Recognize Thousands of Sovereign Nations
  • Republican Form of Self-Governance
  • Steps Toward Sovereignty

International Recognition for the American Sovereign

  • Diplomatic Mission in the Kingdom of Hawai’i
  • Common Struggle Against Tyranny

New Declaration of Independence

  • Preamble
  • Statement of Unalienable Rights and Natural Law
  • Causes for Action
  • Charges Against the Federal Government and its Principals-Creditors
  • Injustices Against the American People and Native Americans
  • All Remedies Exhausted
  • New Declaration of Sovereignty

CHAPTER NINETEEN: Global Visions and Solutions

Virtues & Listening

  • Listen to Each Others Heartbeats
  • Restore Common Virtues and Values

Learning and Problem Solving

  • Grow Dumber, or Wiser?
  • Think Critically With Original Ideas
  • Governments Solve Little or Nothing
  • Real Problem-Solving and Science

Vision for the Next Millennium

  • Greatest Challenge
  • Creating From the Realms of Geniuses
  • The Golden Age is Now
  • Unraveling Our Preconceptions
  • Being in Communications
  • Break the Chains of Denial
  • Commitment to Justice

A New Cosmology

  • Earth As a New Cosmology
  • Whole Systems Thinking
  • Perception is Not Equal to Reality

Teaching Preparedness

  • Humanity As An Endangered Species
  • Being Kind and Considerate is Key
  • Beyond a Christian Nation
  • Sovereignty for All the People

Preparations for Survival

  • Socialist, Monopolist Schemes
  • Eliminate Deficit Spending
  • Elimination of the Welfare State
  • Fund Self-Reliant Businesses
  • Food, Water, Air, Energy, Communications and Healthcare
  • Community / Neighborhood Response

Prospering Through Earth Changes

Balanced View of the Environment

  • Preservation of the Earth
  • Coopted By the Power Structure
  • Environmental Issues and Special Interests
  • Alliances Between Environmentalists and the United States Government
  • Environmental Assault Upon Private Property Rights and Individual Liberties
  • Transnational Corporations Are Still the Biggest Culprits
  • Real Enemy of the Ancient Forests
  • Local Land Use Conflicts and Difficult Resolutions on the Rise

Depolarization of Left and Right

  • Beyond Polarization Into Unity
  • Enough Right Vs. Left Nonsense

Breaking Through Victim Mentality

  • Beyond the Victim Mindset

Expanding Our Imagination of Ourselves

  • Limited Imagination
  • Stop Believing You Are Free
  • Stop Giving Your Power Away

Positive Agenda

  • American and World History-Herstory
  • American Common Law
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Communications and Connecting
  • Community and Neighborhoods
  • Education and Learning
  • Energy and Technology
  • Environment and Ecosystems
  • Food, Nutrition and Gardening
  • Governance and Power
  • Health and Wellness
  • Planetary and Local Identity
  • Political and Religious
  • Shelter and Home
  • Sovereignty and Freedom
  • Spiritual and Consciousness
  • Visual, Music and Performing Arts

Creating A Heaven on Earth

  • Inherent Sovereignty
  • System Does Not Work for Everyone
  • Stop Feeding the System
  • Paradise is a Possibility

Restoring Sustainable Economics

  • Sustainability Defined
  • Free Enterprise and Community
  • Populist Sovereignty Movement
  • Sustainable Economics
  • From Entitlement to Self-Reliance
  • Invest in An Infrastructure for Sovereignty Worldwide

Gold & Silver, Local Scrip, Barter & Commodities

  • Multiple Commodity Backed Economic Systems
  • Cascade HOURS
  • Local Scrips and Barter Exchanges
  • Liberty Dollars and Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency
  • Strategic Investments in Renewables
  • Stirling Engine Genset
  • Solar and Hydrogen Power

Rediscovering America

  • The Sleeping Giants Awaken
  • Reclaim Your Sovereign Citizenship
  • What Is Sovereignty?
  • Sovereignty is the Heart and Soul
  • Surrender Your Sovereignty No More

We The People



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