01. Propaganda, Mind Control & Mental Prisons | Reclaiming the Sovereign Mind | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

“Mind control” is not necessarily a formal “brainwashing” process such as prisoners of war in concentration camps during World War II or North Vietnam, or the CIA training political assassins, or the U.S. military torturing prisoners at Guantanamo Bay after 911, or Mao’s re-education camps during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 

“Mind control” is any covert or subliminal system that suppresses the human will to think, act or be independent of outside influences. Governments, religions and advertisers have all engaged in mind control techniques to promote ideologies, suppress alternative narratives or sell products.

Today, legacy media is the primary “mind control” system for empowering the Global Power structure and the elites’ agenda for total and absolute control over humanity.

This broadens the scope of “mind control” to include all forms of manipulation of the human mind, whether subtle, overt, hidden or coercive. The tragic fact is that most of the human race lives in one mental prison or another – religious or political.

Dogmas & Conditioned Beliefs

History/Herstory has shown the most effective way to control or shut down a human mind is through the introduction of rigid, inflexible “dogmas”. Dogmas are religious or political beliefs inculcated and programmed into children from an early age through fear, guilt, shame or abject terror. 

This indoctrination occurs in family systems, churches, schools and media, more or less, in all cultures and societies. Often this takes a strong commitment and years of therapy to deprogram from intensive dogmatic training (e.g., U.S. military, Catholic School, NPR, CNN, ESPN, etc.).

Fundamentalism is the root of all dogma – the belief that my way of thinking is the one and only “right” or “moral” way of thinking. On a planet of gullible and pliable minds committed to dogmatic thinking, war, conflict and polarization are inevitable and will flourish on all levels. “It’s my way or the highway, believe it or else.”

This chaos and confusion feeds directly into the hands of global manipulators who “divide and conquer” by controlling all sides of a conflict, then introducing their own preconceived agenda to solve the “problem” they created in the first place. Thus, their intended agenda is perpetuated regardless of who wins the war or prevails in a conflict. 

Peer Group Pressure

In addition to what the global manipulators have engineered for us, we often police each other into obedience and compliance to laws, rules, norms, customs and narratives through peer group pressure that cannot be questioned or challenged. The manipulation goes, “Either you believe the way we do or see things as we do, or we will ostracize, , shame, humiliate or criticize you until you either knuckle under or go away”

Despite good intentions, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, ministers, leaders and celebrities all do this to each other. Each of these leaders set themselves up as role models which we emulate and imitate. “Be like Mike (e.g., Michael Jordan)” instead of “Be like Me”.

Persecution & Character Assassination

Legacy media chimes into this dance of mind control by persecuting, attacking and discrediting sources of information or the character of anyone remotely departing from the status quo narrative or agenda. 

If you were ever a leader, genius, scientist, inventor, healer, teacher or true visionary, you can relate to the numerous occasions where your fresh and innovative ideas were met with sizable resistance, even hostility, from the status quo and even the closest people around you. 

Unfortunately, thousands of people each year have disappeared or been put into prison for daring to invent a better technology (e.g., fuel efficient automobiles, a cancer cures, ozone therapy), propose a solution or expose the political economic system for the lie and manipulation it really is.  

Where have all our true leaders gone?

Malicious Prosecution or Social Alienation?

Malicious prosecutions may result in jail time, economic ruin or banishment through marginalization or alienation from friends, family and others. Brave and courageous souls who maintain an independent, free-thinking mind are further tempted into conformity when daring to challenge authority or the agents of the Power structure. 

Central Authority might dispatch the police to serve a search warrant, confiscate property, allege a drug, sex or terrorist offense, send a SWAT team to raid their homes, or incite an ambitious U.S. Attorney with a knack for political prosecution. 

The powers-that-be feel obliged to teach those who challenge authority a lesson about bucking the system. After all, you must obey the old maxim, “You can’t fight City Hall!” 

Political Assassinations & War

If you were ever an activist, whistleblower, reformist or innovator, you might better understand the assassinations of our most powerful leaders (e.g., John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Sr., Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Leonard Peltier, John Lennon). Our graveyards are full of good people victimized by the political economic system or put to death in some horrible war they never understood or dared to ask why.

Political Prisoners & Non-Conformity

Our prisons are full of non-conformists whose crime was to challenge external authority. Federal prisons are full of illegal immigrants and drug offenders. Great leaders have spent a lifetime behind bars for protecting their people such as American Indian Movement (AIM) leader Leonard Peltier. 

This author was convicted for crimes I didn’t commit and was imprisoned as a political prisoner for 2 years in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) plus 3 years of supervised release. Less than 10% of our 2.5 million U.S. prison population are actual “criminals” and a threat to society. In fact, the most notorious criminals in our global society are freely operating without remorse or accountability in the public sectors of government and business.

Public Education as Mind Control

Public education is an institution of mind control programmed to inculcate a socialist political ideology in our children at a very young and impressionable age. Strangely accurate, John Gatto’s “Dumbing Us Down“ details the hidden agenda of public education. Control of public education is a primary tenet of the “Communist Manifesto”

Today, “Critical Race Theory (CRT)” is a gross revision of political and racial history/herstory based in Marxism. It is using mind control techniques to suppress and stifle any honest and civil discussions of real issues in the classroom or in the society at-large.

Public Consumption of Media  as Mind Control

Daily newspapers, news services and radio/television stations are institutions of mind control twisting tiny facts into huge fictions to keep the mass mind preoccupied with irrelevance and false security.

People addicted to the media still pick up a newspaper habitually or tune into a news channel expecting to get real “news” (instead of “fake news”). Mass media is incredibly effective in inciting mass hypnosis. Some of us are still asleep in the trance. In such a slumber, we are hopelessly enslaved. Wake up!

We can be hypnotized into dullness or come alive with enthusiasm. That legacy media is a propaganda machine used to control our minds is not too far a stretch of the imagination considering the overt and persistent manipulation of desire by advertising, infomercials, entertainment and the so-called “news”

Why so many people still freely give their minds away every day is beyond me, especially since the truth is more obvious than ever for those with their eyes open.  Stop believing the evening news. Start thinking for yourself, make up your own mind, get informed and live life free.


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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.41 – 43


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