02. Anger & Blame is Not Responsible | Individual Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

Admittedly, there are plenty of issues, concerns and problems with the world today that we could be, or even should be, angry about. But just being angry at the world is not in itself a solution, except anger may be part of the “wake up call” until we take the necessary action to make changes in ourselves and our world. 

Anger is not inherently bad, it has its place in the full-range of human emotion, but anger is not the optimum emotional state of being. Anger may motivate us, but it can also imprison us and hurt the people closest to us. Anger is like “playing with fire”. 

Many people have gotten angry at their station in life, playing the victim and blaming other people, blaming their parents, or blaming the government while neither understanding the root cause, nor taking responsibility for how each one of us created the situation in the first place. 

By definition, anger is a poorly articulated reaction of intense, deeply rooted fear. More often than not we do not know or understand what exactly we are afraid of or what specifically we are angry about. Sourcing anger is an important process for getting at the root cause and transforming anger into a powerful, appropriate response. 

Taking responsibility for anger is an important additional step toward emotional sovereignty which is by far the most difficult of the “seven aspects of sovereignty” to achieve. 

If there is a huge stumbling block to achieving all “seven aspects of sovereignty”, more often than not it is dealing with anger and fear , then stepping up to take complete emotional responsibility in our lives. 

The challenge is to discover an effective method or regime for total transformation that gives you the preferred results and change. 

Anger & The Legal System

For example, those of us who would like to extricate ourselves from the economic, legal and political system by exercising our God-given rights may get dragged even deeper into confrontation by our choice of legal methods. 

A courtroom is the frontline of the Power structure which should be avoided at all costs. Arguing for your God-given rights in such a battleground may result in less freedom and more hassles than you’d ever care to deal with. Choose your methods wisely and do not step on the tail of the tiger.

If you are someone who has studied the U.S. Constitution and American system of law, then suddenly realizes there exists a huge contradiction between what was intended by the Founding Fathers and what is actually occurring in Washington D.C.

Such a realization might make you very angry and want to strike back at the judicial system for deceiving us. If you have an embedded mental or emotional attitude of “victim consciousness”,  riddled with insecurity and fear, you might become very agitated by the situation, paralyzed and frozen with inaction, or you might want to bring your anger before the judge and get shut-down.

Having relinquished our individual sovereignty and freedom likely as a child – one might respond with anger by externalizing the “victim consciousness” while inappropriately concluding that the judicial system is the sole perpetrator. 

Old friend, there are no “enemies” or “boogeymen” except those we create in our own minds and project upon the world. Be wise when confronting “external authority” or suffer the consequences. Stop pointing one finger forward and three fingers backwards, blaming others or the system (i.e., Power structure) for this pain and anger. The source is within you.  

If we act aggressively or violently towards “external authority”, one could get dragged into court, engage in a lengthy, costly legal battle and go to prison. In the judicial system, “the better accuser and blamer with the most paper wins”. A courtroom is not a place to devote your precious time unless one is well prepared, financially capable and smarter than the systemabout a particular legal issue.

Anger & Bucking the System

For example, an angry person decides to buck the system (like I once did). They refuse to register their car, get automobile insurance or a drivers license. They are angry and want to cause trouble for the system – not necessarily get educated about how to withdraw lawfully and/or legally and exercise their “right to travel”

Anger creates resistance from the very system they wish to pull away from and exercise their “right to travel”. Anger generates an unintended reaction or consequence from the judicial system. This angry person might end up with a warrant for their arrest, an indictment or become the subject of malicious prosecution by an ambitious local prosecutor. Furthermore, the angry approach is not the most intelligent way to actually become sovereign and get free. Better to strategically withdraw and steer clear of the courtroom and legal battles.

If a person wishes to step away from the system, then you’d better be certain that you are doing it lawfully and/or legally so as to not create consequences one might regret later. Many people know just enough about the “right to travel” or “taxation” to be truly dangerous to themselves.

Bucking the system will keep you quite literally chained to it. Each one must look at underlying cause of our anger and fear in relation to “external authority” – perhaps a choice, whether knowingly or unknowingly,  to give up freedom and abrogate sovereignty long before one was of legal age. May we accept full responsibility especially for our own ignorance.

Transforming the Power Structure with Integrity

One cannot be sovereign or free if we blame or shame anyone else as the source of the conditions and circumstances of our lives. One must take complete and total responsibility for what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future – not only for what is happening inside, but what is happening outside. This maxim may seem strange, but it is true nonetheless.

As many people have observed, some people feel most engaged in good, righteous causes when they are reacting in anger to a perceived injustice or inequity.  We would suggest though, that anger,  guilt, blame and shame will not solve the injustices or inequities of the “system”. An emotional approach to injustice will not change or transform the Power structure, but, as we have observed, will reinforce and empower the “system” instead.

So what will it take to transform the Power structure? First and foremost, this will take an intelligent understanding of the “system” itself – how it was created and how it has remained in power through hundreds of years over multiple generations. 

it will be necessary to transform and redirect anger, martyrdom or victim consciousness into constructive, positive action. One must be willing to feel everything completely, then be willing to act from inner integrity, conscience and consciousness – not from an emotionally disturbed, angry or imbalanced place.

Those people who are beginning to awaken to the truth of our existence, those who can hear the inner voice of consciousness, those who are seeing the true nature of the Power structure will become the leaders of the future today. Old friend, this may be you.

Those people destined to follow their own guidance and integrity, innocently and clearly, without anger will begin to alter the “system” from blind obedience to “external authority” toward being aware of their own “internal authority” or sovereignty. 

With the profound realization that it is not actually the Power structure and elite which are enslaving us, but the sad truth that we have allowed the “system” of “external authority” to enslave us. And it is up to us to shift the balance of power within.

When each one of us begin deeply to understand why this is so, and that each of us has allowed it to happen, and why somehow we have forgotten the source of true power, then reclaiming individual sovereignty is right around the next corner. 

Freedom is an inside job!


Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.65-67


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