Volume I

VOLUME I of III: Sovereignty & Power

     CHAPTER 1:
Reclaiming the Sovereign Mind
CHAPTER 2: Individual Sovereignty
CHAPTER 3: Indigenous Sovereignty
CHAPTER 4: Global Power Structures
CHAPTER 5: Terrorism and War
CHAPTER 6: New World Order / Deep State    


The Crossroads

Respect Our Constitutional Foundations

  • Calming the Fears of the Pandemic
  • Healing the Racial Divide
  • Who Benefits from a Race War?
  • Who Pulls the Strings

Dangerous and Exciting Times  

  • Freedom in America
  • Desire Freedom and Truth
  • Everybody Wins, No Plunder
  • Honesty Please, No Tyranny
  • Government as a Fraud

The Liberty Story  

Short Biography  

CHAPTER ONE: Reclaiming the Sovereign Mind

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction  

  • This is Uncommon Sense

Truth is an Endangered Species  

  • Wake Up America and the World
  • U.S. Citizenship and U.S. Constitution
  • Reclaim Your Power and Restore Accountability

Beyond Denial, Being Responsible  

  • Your Independence Day
  • Restoring Discernment and Discrimination
  • Restoring Response – Ability
  • Return to Virtue and Ethics

An Independent Press  

  • Enjoying the Evening Snooze
  • Stealing Attention from the Real Issues
  • Investigative Journalism and Whistleblowing
  • Media Spin, Propaganda and Government Public Policy
  • Abandoning the Ship of Freedom 

Media Literacy and Internet Activism  

  • Media Manipulation & Manufacturing Lies
  • Framing the Facts with Lies
  • Discrediting the Source
  • Media as the Fourth Estate
  • Restoring Media Literacy and Private Intelligence
  • The Internet was Birthed for Freedom
  • Net Neutrality and Digital Rights
  • Personal Networking & Reporting the News
  • Developing Source Centers

Censorship and Security Issues  

  • Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and NSA Disclosures

Propaganda, Mind Control and Mental Prisons  

  • Dogmas and Conditioned Beliefs
  • Peer Group Pressure
  • Persecution and Character Assassination
  • Malicious Prosecution or Social Alienation?
  • Political Assassinations and War
  • Political Prisoners and Non-Conformity
  • Public Education as Mind Control
  • Public Consumption of Media as Mind Control

Breakdown of the Family and Tribe  

  • Breaking Free of Traditions
  • Family, Community and Tribe
  • Marriage License as Three-Party Contract with the State
  • Common Law Marriage
  • State as the Legal Parent and Parens Patriae
  • Biological Parents Often Powerless
  • We the Children As We the People
  • Hope for the Children, Youth and All Future Generations
  • The Wisdom of Insecurity
  • Economic Sovereignty
  • Legal Sovereignty

Truth is Neither Left Nor Right  

  • Polarized Thinking and Conflict
  • Unified Thinking and Source Consciousness
  • Political Correctness as Fundamentalism
  • Be Ever Vigilant of Your Rights and Freedom
  • Crime Wave or Organized War
  • Boycott Manipulative Media
  • Americans as the People of the Lie
  • Surrendered Without Awareness
  • Political Sovereignty  

CHAPTER TWO: Individual Sovereignty

The Big Picture….  

  • A Idea of Sovereignty

Physical, Spiritual and Mental Sovereignty  

  • Physical Sovereignty
  • Spiritual Sovereignty
  • Mental Sovereignty

Herd Mentality and Hassle-Free Zone  

  • Policing Ourselves

Emotional and Spiritual Sovereignty

  • Emotional Affirmations
  • Spiritual Affirmations

Breaking Through Fears and Comfort Zone  

Responsibility and Self-Government  

Anger and Blame Are Not Response-able  

  • Anger and the Legal System
  • Anger and Bucking the System
  • Transforming the Power Structure with Integrity

Power and Control is the Name of the Game  

Sovereignty is the Source of Power  

  • Sources of Sovereignty in History-Herstory
  • The British Empire as a Sovereign Power
  • Papacy, Catholic Church and the Vatican as Sovereign Powers
  • Seven Aspects of Sovereignty
  • The Power of Sovereignty  

CHAPTER THREE: Indigenous Sovereignty

Native Sovereignty & Doctrine of Discovery

  • Manifest Destiny and Spiritual Debt
  • Perpetual Slavery for Indigenous Native People
  • No Separation of Church and State
  • Natural Law Rights and Inherent Sovereignty Under International Law
  • No Separation of Church and State
  • Tribal Governments As Sovereign Nations
  • Vatican Must Rescind Doctrine of Discovery and Provide Reparations
  • Indigenous Economic and Legal Sovereignty

Treaty Rights of Indigenous People  

  • Restoring U.S. Treaty Rights and Inherent Sovereignty

Northwest Ordinance and Indian Nations  

  • Indian Removal Act and Genocide
  • Cherokee Nation, Georgia and Indian Law
  • Law of Nations and Indian Law

Indigenous Sovereigns of North America  

  • Indigenous Nations Never Lost Inherent Sovereignty
  • International Recognition of Sovereign Nations

Sovereignty in Hawai’i Today  

  • Hawaiian Sovereignty Groups
  • The Wisdom of a Queen

Reflections on Indigenous People, Colonization and Common Law  

  • Organic Law of America
  • Common Ground Between Native Americans and Patriots

Old News from Indigenous Nations  

  • Onondaga Insist on Self-Rule
  • Oneida Shoot for Economic Independence
  • Shawnee Declare War on United States
  • Northern Russian Federation Calls for International Assistance
  • Huaorari Nation Occupies Oil Platforms
  • Indians Threaten Mass Suicide
  • Martial Law at Black Mesa (Big Mountain)
  • Indigenous Leader Leonard Peltier Denied Parole Again

CHAPTER FOUR: Sovereign Power Structure

Power Makes the Rules

  • The Taboo of Sovereignty, Love and Power
  • Conspiracy of Ignorance and Fear
  • Questions for the Wise Sovereign
  • Wake Up America
  • Invisible Sovereign Power
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Conspiracy Theories or Facts?

Knowledge as Power

  • Distortion of Knowledge for Power
  • Secret Knowledge of Control
  • Struggling to Survive Amidst Corrupt Rulers
  • Brief History of Influential Secret or Mythical Societies
  • Hopeful Rise of the Feminine

Illuminati, Freemasons & Rise of Communism in the West

The Rise of Communism in China

Power Doesn’t Play By the Rules it Makes

Global Power Structure

  • Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and World Economic Forum
  • Short Chart of Global Power Structure
  • United States Participation
  • Rhodes Scholarships Reward New Leaders
  • Rockefeller and Bilderberg Group
  • The Bohemian Grove
  • Decide to Network

United Nations (UN)

  • Founding of the United Nations
  • Sovereign Nations Need Not Apply
  • United Nations Global Governance Commission
  • United Nations Flow Chart and Treaties
  • United States Support for United Nations

USMCA, GATT, WTO and Free Trade

  • GATT Passes U.S. Congress Without Ever Reading It
  • Internationalists Destabilized North America to Reconstruct Regional Government
  • Free Trade Policy Blasted by Former GM Executive
  • World Trade Organization (WTO)

State of New Columbia (aka District of Columbia)

  • New Flag Flying Over the Capitol
  • Trust Territory of the United Nations

United States Power Structure

  • Short Chart of American Power Structure
  • Military Industrial Complex

States of Emergencies, FEMA & Executive Orders (EO’s)

  • National and State Emergencies
  • Historical Emergency Orders
  • Concentration Camps in America
  • Operation Rolling Thunder
  • Secret Underground Bases and Spy Satellites
  • Any Future Crisis

Federal U.S. Government and Organized Crime

  • Stealing From the Future
  • Stand Aside and Doing Nothing
  • Corruption of the Power Structure
  • Foreign Nations Are Also Corrupt

National / Global Security State, NSA and CIA

  • Establishing the National / Global Security State
  • Wiretapping and Due Process of Law
  • Secret Executive Orders and CIA
  • Mind Control and the Global Manipulators
  • Facebook as CIA Data Mining Operation
  • Secret Directives Behind Airport I.D. Checks
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

CHAPTER FIVE: Terrorism & War

  • Conspiracy Facts V. Theory
  • Consolidation of Police and Military Force
  • Who Benefits from Terrorism?
  • Watershed Event for American Freedom
  • The Sagebrush Rebellion
  • John F. Kennedy, Warren Commission Report and Other Assassinations
  • Warren Commission Report Still Undisclosed to the Public
  • Vietnam War Protests, M.O.V.E., Black Panthers and American Indian Movement
  • Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge
  • First World Trade Center Bombing and FBI
  • David Koresh, Branch Davidians and Waco Massacre
  • Timothy McVeigh and Oklahoma City Bombing
  • Leroy Schweitzer and the Montana Freemen
  • Elizabeth Broderick and Adolph Hoch
  • Richard and Evelyn McLaren and Republic of Texas
  • Revisiting the Right to Secession
  • IRS Raids Against IGP and Other Leaders
  • 911 Was An Inside Job
  • Terrorism Against the American People

Disinformation Agents and Hate Groups

  • Anti-Defamation League and Anti-Semitism
  • Southern Poverty Law Center and Racism
  • Blasting Militias and Gun Control
  • The Elite’s Media Propagandists
  • Fascist Dictatorship Rising in the United States

Crime Control and Domestic Terrorism

Short Legislative History of Clinton Administration

Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996

Legislative History of George W. Bush Administration

  • Political and Legislative Summary
  • Foreign Policy and Executive Orders
  • Radical Departures from Acceptable Legal Standards

USA Patriot Act / Freedom Act

  • Guantanamo Bay, An Affront to the Rule of Law
  • National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  • Michigan Governor Signs Anti-NDAA Bill Into Law

Legislative History of Obama Administration

  • Political & Legislative Summary
  • Foreign Policy & Executive Orders

Legislative History of Trump Administration

  • Political and Legislative Summary
  • Foreign Policy and Executive Orders

Legislative History of Biden Administration

  • Political & Legislative Summary
  • Foreign Policy & Executive Order
  • West Exec Advisors As the Secret Government Behind Biden

Government Protecting the People?

  • Increased Security at Airports with ID Checks
  • Terrorism is Symbiotic with Government
  • More Control Across the Political Spectrum

CHAPTER SIX: New World Order / Deep State

Unveiling the New World Order

  • Objectives of the New World Order
  • One World Government and the Puppet Masters
  • Declaration of War Against Humanity
  • Scrutinize World Events and Expose the Truth
  • Commitment to Non-Violence

War Against the American Sovereign

  • Next Generation of Colonization
  • Frontline of Freedom and Sovereignty
  • Introducing the American Sovereign

Listen to the Drumbeat of Tyranny

  • Two Types of Tyranny
  • Listen to the Heartbeat
  • Stand Up and Be Counted
  • Fascist, National Security Police State

Police State Actions

  • Excessive Police and Paramilitary Actions

Expanded Police Powers and Foreign Military Forces

  • End of National Sovereignty of the United States
  • Foreign Military and U.S. Police Powers
  • Persian Gulf War Forces Exposed to Biological and Chemical Agents
  • US Companies Profited from Biological Warfare Ingredients in Persian Gulf War
  • Electromagnetic Warfare by U.S. Military
  • The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
  • Drone Warfare

War on Drugs, War on Sovereign and Human Rights

  • Wrongful Death of Donald Scott Shot
  • Anti-Drug Legislation Fuels Growth of Criminal Justice System
  • Disinformation Drove Drug Prohibition
  • Marijuana Prohibition Ineffective
  • Hawai’i(an) Hemp Activists Suing Prosecutors
  • Industrial Hemp Movement Growing

Building Prisons Instead of Schools 

  • Political Prisoners in the United States of America
  • Prisoners at Work
  • Stand Tall, Stand Together for Justice

Health Freedom or Fascism

  • Keeping Holistic Modalities Available
  • FDA Tactics and Assaults on Health Freedom
  • FDA Bullies Life Extension Foundation for Nine Years, Then Backs Down
  • GATT/WTO Crushes Health Supplements in Norway, Threatens United States
  • Health Choices Threatened by GATT / WTO and the Codex Alimentarius
  • HIV Reappraised as Non-Contagious by Some Scientists and Medical Doctors
  • AIDS was Genetically Engineered
  • AIDS Statistical Risk is One in Five Million or One in Fifty Million
  • Why We May Never Read the Book on AIDS
  • Poisoning the People with Fluoride
  • War on Food, GMO’s and Humanity
  • Genetically-Modified Humans

Parental Rights Endangered

  • UN Interference in Child Rearing

RFID, Microchip/Biochip Implants & mRNA Vaccines

  • DMV Micro Information System
  • USA Passports Have RFID Chips
  • COVID-19 and mRNA Vaccines

DNA Genetic Vampires and First Peoples Rights

  • Genetic Engineering and Property Rights
  • Human Genome Diversity Project
  • Vampire Project Challenged by Indigenous Alliance
  • Human Tissue Enterprise Linked to U.S. Military

Seizure Fever, The War on Property Rights

  • Asset Forfeiture Law Enforcement Program

Banking on the New World Order

  • National I.D. Cards and Tracking
  • FinCEN Follows the Money
  • Fingerprints, Not Liberty for All
  • Mexican Bailout Never Reached the People



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