02. Breaking Through Fears & Comfort Zone | Individual Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

Fears must be confronted and challenged to be overcome. Some of us get so comfortable and used to our fears that we have accepted our fears as an unavoidable part of the family system. 

So long as our fears, beliefs and lifestyle go unchallenged or unquestioned, we may go about living half the life we are capable of.  When our fears are challenged, new possibilities open up around us. “One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside”.

“Plug the holes in yourself.” ~ Scott David

According to Coach Michael Connaway, each of us must break order and invite some chaos into our life to effectively challenge and face our fears. Furthermore, one must close the back door and any escape routes, step out of our comfort zone and face any abuse and co-dependency patterns if one is going to succeed at conquering our fears. 

Many people are more afraid of public speaking than of death. For example, facing a fear of public speaking requires stepping up to the podium and speaking publicly to overcome it. Apply this same strategy to each and every identifiable fear and you’ll be surprised how fearless you become.


In the eloquent words of David Icke, we are “imaginations of ourselves”. One can either create with fear, or create with love. One can either create with negative or with positive energy. Many of our fears once examined are simply “imagined fears” with little or no basis in reality. 

For example, one may fear strangers coming to our home, knocking on the door, then entering and robbing us. When we hear a strange, unfamiliar knock, but do not answer, the fear is reinforced over and over again. In our minds, one may imagine the stranger is dangerous, like a “wolf at the door”

But one will never know, or be able to confront our fear of “wolves”, unless one opens the door and sees for ourself that there is no wolf, no real threat there. We discovered that this was simply an “imagined fear”.  

Through our parents and the legacy media many of us are taught to be afraid of strangers. But the truth is, if we do not talk to strangers how will one ever make a new friend? 

Is it not curious how large people can be deathly afraid of tiny little spiders, snakes or other critters that are in fact exponentially smaller and far more vulnerable than a giant human being. Thus one must eventually ask, “Why are we sleeping giants so insecure?” 

Many people can be afraid of change, even if staying where they are is either abusive or hurtful. Some are more afraid of change than of the abuse or pain. Thus one might stay in our “comfort zone”. For example, why does a women stay in an abusive relationship with a man, or vice versa? 


Because one might be more afraid of change than of the abuse or the abuser.  In the abusive relationship, one might know what to expect. This is the “comfort zone” even if it is not really all that comfortable. Old friend, this is the source of “victim” consciousness. This negative energy feeds the Global Power structure and elite and drains the life force from the “victim”

> ENCOURAGE – Put courage back in the locker room of your life.

How many of us are willing to settle too easily and accept life as it is? For example, working at minimum wage at a job you hate that barely pays your bills or makes ends meet?  Instead of accepting such conditions, one could step out of the “comfort zone”, take a calculated risk,  shoot for the moon, plan a new business and ultimately be successful and live your dreams! 


If one is so committed to keeping it together, keeping up appearances, or being right or righteous, that we are willing to live a great big lie to stay uncomfortably in the “comfort zone”, then we may very well conclude that one has no freedom or choice. This is the opposite of individual sovereignty. Old friend, do you have the courage to not “feed the fears” or being a “victim” in life?  The rewards of claiming individual sovereignty are far greater than the cost of maintaining our fears.

“Winners love to sweat, bleed, and get dirty.” ~ Coach Michael Connaway


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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.61-63


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