Volume II

VOLUME II of III: Money and History

CHAPTER 7: Money
CHAPTER 8: Bankruptcy
CHAPTER 9: Social Security and Taxation
CHAPTER 10 World History
CHAPTER 11: American History
CHAPTER 12: American Citizenship


Gold and Silver Money

  • Short History of Money
  • Money Defined
  • True Source of Wealth
  • A Dollar is a Measure of Weight By Law
  • American People Were Our Own Bankers

Paper Money Substitute and Federal Reserve Notes

  • Paper Money Substitutes are Not Money
  • Federal Reserve Notes are Neither Federal Nor a Note
  • Distinction Between Real Money and Paper
  • There is No Actual Money System
  • U.S. Citizens Not Paid Any Real Money
  • Create a Sound Monetary System
  • Inflation and Devaluation
  • No Authority to Issue Paper Money Substitutes

Introducing Debt Currency Into Circulation

  • Global Economic Speculation and Casino Gambling
  • Fractional Reserve Banking
  • While Banks Getting Richer, You Fall More Deeply Into Debt
  • Paying or Discharging Debt?
  • Lawful Money as Gold or Silver

International Banking Cartel

  • Conspiracy to Create the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Banking System

  • Federal Reserve as Joint Stock Trust
  • Not Federal and Nothing in Reserve
  • Passing the Federal Reserve Act
  • We the People Were Our Own Bankers
  • Venue and Citizenship
  • U.S. Government Received Unlimited Credit Line
  • Formal Charges Against Federal Reserve

Americans Asleep at the Economic Wheel

  • Surrendering More Than Money
  • Surrendering the Gold
  • All Assets Owned by Sovereign Power Structure

Irrelevant Economic Dialectic

  • Two Dialectics
  • Missing Power to Monetize Paper

Exponentially Raising the Debt Ceiling

  • Who Is in Charge of the U.S. Congress?
  • Who Has the Power to Close Government?
  • Balancing the Budget Can Never Happen
  • Printing Money Out of Thin Air
  • Eighteen Investment Recommendations


Federal U.S. Government Corporation is Bankrupt

  • Shifting from Statesmen to Politicians
  • Foreclosure of U.S. Government Corporation
  • Suspension of Gold Standard and Confiscation
  • Incapable of Ever Paying Debt
  • Profound Shift from Substantive Common Law
  • The Admiral is King of America
  • International Banksters
  • The True Cost is National Sovereignty

Reorganization of the Federal United States Inc

  • Federal Reserve Banking System Operates Under Emergency Powers
  • Federal Reserve Notes Not Redeemable
  • United States Banking in Receivership
  • Astronomical Amounts of Missing Money

Sedition and Treason Against the United States of America

  • Bretton Woods Agreement & International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • Secretary of Treasury as Receiver in Bankruptcy
  • Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • 5 USC §3331. Oath of Office
  • 5 USC § 7311. Loyalty and striking
  • 22 USC §283 (a). Appointment of officers; term of office; salary
  • 22 USC §283 (c). Compensation
  • United States Participation in INTERPOL

Bankruptcy and American Law

  • U.S. Bankruptcy Merged Law with Equity
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Tried in Admiralty Court

Balancing the Budget Fiasco

  • Burdening the Public with Debt
  • U.S. Federal / National Debt
  • Dipping Into Social Security Trust Funds
  • Off Budget Expenses

Borrowing from the Future

  • Direct Veto Power Over Government Spending

Bankruptcy Strategies

  • Foreclosures and Commercial Liens
  • Third-Party Accord and Satisfaction
  • Repudiating Credit Card and Mortgage Fraud

Building Economic Sovereignty

  • Building a Foundation
  • Finding Right Livelihood
  • Deregulate or Abolish the Federal Reserve

CHAPTER NINE: Social Security and Taxation

Government Without Taxes and Tyranny

  • Cost of Government
  • Duty and Moral Responsibility
  • No Authority for a Direct Tax
  • Income Taxes are Unnecessary
  • Building the Capitol with a Lottery
  • Federal Debt Proportional to Government Size

Social Insecurity

  • Social Security as a Tax Program
  • Social Security as a Trust Account
  • How To Apply for a USA Passport Without a SSN
  • Sovereign Citizens Have No SSN 
  • SSN is Voluntary
  • SSN as National ID Card
  • SSN as Adhesion Contract

Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act

  • Privacy Act Protection
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Title 5 §552(C). Request for Records
  • Title 5 §552(d)(2). Records Maintained on Individuals

What is the Internal Re-Venue Service?

  • IRS Authority 
  • Commissioner of Internal Revenue
  • National Prohibition and 18th Amendment Repealed by 21st Amendment 
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue Morphed Into Internal Re-Venue Service
  • Delegation of Authority

IRS is a Bizarre Scheme to Collect Taxes Unlawfully

  • Income Taxes Intended for Elected U.S. Officials and Government Employees
  • IRS Has No Legitimate Enforcement Authority in Union of Several States
  • IRS Not a Corporation
  • IRS Taxing Authority

Individual Master File

  • IRS Classifies Some Taxpayers As Narcotics Dealers
  • IRS Venue and Statute of Limitations
  • IRS Tax Protester Types
  • Individual Income Tax as Excise Tax

Short History of the Income Tax

  • First Income Tax for Federal Employees
  • Second Income Tax for Corporations
  • Income Tax Goes Directly to the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB)
  • Apportionment as Rule of Law
  • 16th Amendment Created No New Taxing Powers
  • 16th Amendment Improperly Ratified
  • Third Income Tax for Appointed and Elected Government Officials Engaged in Business
  • Victory Taxes After WWII
  • No Direct Tax, Wages Are Not Income
  • What is Taxable Income or Gain?
  • Income is Defined in the IRC in the Same Light as a Schedule C, Standard Business Calculation
  • Labor is Property, Not Taxable Income

Wages Are Not Income, But Property

  • IRS Taxes Income Within United States
  • Wages Are Not Subject to Income Tax
  • Presumption Private-Sector Employees Are Working for the Government
  • Property is Foreign to the United States

Withholding Requirements

  • 26 CFR §31.3403-1. Liability for Tax
  • 26 CFR §31.3401-1. Return and payment by governmental employer

Income Tax is Voluntary

  • How to Volunteer as a Taxpayer
  • Show Me the Law
  • Willful Failure to File
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Form 1040 and OMB#
  • Tax Protesters

Tax Honesty & the IRS

  • Attorney Steffan Bertsch Concludes IRS Has No Authority
  • Attorney Donald W. MacPherson
  • Attorney Michael Louis Minns
  • Attorney Gerry Spence
  • Attorney Larry Becraft
  • Constitutional Advocate Bob Schulz
  • Former IRS Special Agent Joe Bannister
  • Former IRS Enrolled Agent John Turner
  • Former IRS Agent and CPA Sherry Jackson
  • Citizen Warrior Lamar Hardy

Sovereign “state” Citizenship and the IRS

  • IRS Extorting Revenue Without Authority
  • Non-Filers and Tax Protesters
  • No Taxes Without Representation
  • Strategic Withdrawal From Tax System
  • Resident or Non-Resident, Aliens
  • Sovereign “state” Citizens as Non-Resident Aliens
  • Giving Notice to the IRS

CHAPTER TEN: World History

Short History of the Western World

  • History as Fiction, Not Fact
  • 1215 – 1717
  • 1773 – 1791
  • 1792 – 1848
  • 1860 – 1913
  • 1915 – 1933
  • 1934 – 1947
  • 1953 – 1964
  • 1965 – 1980
  • 1982 – 1996
  • 2001 – 2022

Republic v. Democracy—Two Forms of Governance

  • One Political Party
  • America is a Republic and a Democracy

Manufactured Wars, Revolutions & Conflict

  • History is Planned
  • Hegelian Principles in Action
  • Infiltrating the Left
  • Establishing British and American Empires
  • Political Mindsets

Whoever Makes the Money Makes the Wars

  • Cooptation of Nations
  • A History of Warfare
  • Corporate Socialism and the End of Free Enterprise
  • Taboo Questions and Countless Wars
  • Public Relations and Selling Wars
  • Asking Hard Questions

Who Contrived the French Revolution?

  • Rebellion in Old Europe
  • Rise of Democratic Ideals
  • Illuminati Coup d’etat
  • Rise of Socialism in France

World War I: Foundation for the New World Order

  • American Neutrality Before WWI
  • Propaganda Machine Steps in to Sell the War
  • Dominating the High Seas of Trade
  • False Flag Operation as Pretext for War
  • Who Benefited from WWI? 
  • Far Reaching Implications for the United States and Europe
  • Addicted to the Economy of War

Who Bought and Sold the Russian Revolution?

  • Planning the Seeds of Revolution
  • Coup d’etat in Russia
  • The Cold War Begins

World War II: The War That Won the World

  • The Four Policemen Restructure the World
  • Forming Regional Economic Entities
  • Orchestrated by International Bankers and Private Contractors
  • Rise of Hitler and FDR
  • Hitler’s Anti-Semitic Stance
  • British Foreign Policy Before World War II
  • German Invasion of Czechoslovakia
  • Britain Enters World War II
  • United State’s Involvement in World War II
  • Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Japanese Offer of Surrender Refused
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • German Offer of Surrender Refused
  • Eisenhower Starved Germans in Post-War Death Camps
  • Cold War and Arms Race

Zionism and the State of Israel

  • What is Zionism?
  • Persecution of the Jews
  • Establishing the State of Israel
  • Semitic v. Anti-Semitic
  • Disinformation Agents and Mossad

Towards A New World Order

  • Taking Back America in Divisive Times
  • Federal Legislative Democracy
  • New World Order
  • Second American Revolution

CHAPTER ELEVEN: American History

Separation of Church and State

  • Battles Between Church and State
  • Church and State
  • Constitution Rooted in Canon Law
  • Usurpation of Freedom of Religion
  • The State as Church
  • The Church as Sovereign

Early Colonization of North America

  • The Vikings Discovered America
  • One of the First Explorers Was a Moroccan Slave
  • Brotherhood Connections in Europe
  • Vision of a New World
  • Early Settlements in America
  • Masonic Order Established in America
  • European Colonization of America
  • First Two Chartered Corporations
  • King Granted Vast Land Grants
  • British Colonies as Commonwealths
  • First American Constitutional Convention
  • Brotherhood Plan for America
  • Founding Fathers as Freemasons
  • Fourteen Presidents Before Washington

Declaration of Independence

  • Declaration as Solemn Writ of Mixed War
  • Continental Congress Declares Independence

Story of the Flag of the United States

  • Sovereign Indian Nations Request Flag
  • Adding New Stars to the Flag

Who Won the First American Revolution?

  • War Inevitable Speech
  • Disinterested in War
  • Europeans Corporations Deeply Vested
  • British Attempt to Take Back America

Articles of Confederation

  • Free and Independent States
  • Sovereign Right of the Sovereign States
  • No Limit to State Sovereignty
  • Constitution as Extension of Confederation

1st Constitution “for” the united states of America

  • Constitutional Misconceptions
  • Constitution As Limited Grant of Authority
  • 1st Constitution “for” Sovereignty of States and Citizens
  • 2nd Constitution “of” United States Government
  • Constitution Did Not Grant Rights
  • Constitution Has No Effect in Federal Area
  • Sovereignty Rests with States and Citizens
  • Constitutional Convention Called
  • Constitution As Canon Law Trust
  • Constitution Conforms With Common Law
  • Good and Safe Government Innovations
  • Constitution As Corporate Compact
  • Sovereign States and Sovereign Citizens

2nd Constitution “of” the United States

  • 2nd Constitution Parallel with 1st Constitution
  • United States Incorporated
  • 3rd Constitution As Coup d’etat
  • Constitution and Income Taxes
  • Constitution Today
  • Constitution As Law of the Land
  • Constitution for the New States of America

Original 13th Amendment

  • No Titles of Nobility
  • Invasion of Attorneys from Europe
  • Ratification of Original 13th Amendment
  • Disappearance of Original 13th Amendment

Prosperity & the Great Depression

  • Accumulation of Vast Wealth
  • Cause of Great Depression
  • First Big Bank Bailout
  • No Government Safety Net
  • Speculation and Exploitation Lurked
  • No Accountability From Our Leaders

The New Deal: Socialism

  • Secret Deals on Wall Street
  • Roosevelt Declares Bank Holiday
  • New Deal Legislation
  • Corporate Socialism Now the Law of the Land
  • Corporate Expansionism and Foreign Aid
  • America Sold Down the RIver
  • Restitution for National Debt

CHAPTER TWELVE: American Citizenship

American Citizens — Sovereign and Free

  • What We Do Not Know
  • Knowledge v. Belief
  • American People Have Sovereign Powers
  • American People Feel Disempowered

Emancipation or Slavery for All

  • Civil War Not Fought to Free the Slaves
  • Europeans Attempt to Split the Nation
  • North and South Divided on Slavery
  • Racism Embedded in American Culture
  • 13th (or 14th) Amendment Freed the Slaves
  • 14th (or 15th) Amendment Adopted Under Martial / Military Law
  • Post-War Reconstruction Period
  • Sovereign States and Southern Citizen (POWs)
  • Residuals of Racism and White Supremacy Remain
  • Religious Intolerance and Racism

14th (or 15th) Amendment and U.S. citizen

  • 14th Amendment U.S. citizens with Limited Civil Rights
  • Corporations Have Civil Rights as Legal Persons
  • Rise and Expansion of Federal Power
  • Unalienable Rights V. Civil Rights
  • U.S. citizens Obligated to Pay Federal Debt
  • U.S. citizens Registered Via Birth Certificates

Corporate Persons Born & Enthroned

  • Corporations Forbidden From Owning Land
  • Incorporation of U.S. Government
  • Legal Persons Are Fictions
  • Privatization of the Public Domain
  • End Corporate Dominance
  • Corporations Chained by the Constitution

Stealing Your Citizenship

  • Volunteer Away Your Sovereignty
  • Abrogating the Sovereignty of the Nation
  • Political Forgetfulness
  • Truth is Suppressed and Attacked

American National OR “state” Citizen

  • Citizenship Not Defined in U.S. Constitution
  • Citizenship Defined in State Constitutions
  • The Forgotten People and Slavery
  • What is American Citizenship?
  • Freeing the Slaves?
  • 14th (or 15th) Amendment Citizenship
  • Morally Weak and Ethically Deficient Government
  • Unalienable Sovereign Rights as American Citizens
  • Giving Away Your Lawful Citizenship
  • Sovereign Citizenship as Responsibility
  • Sovereign Aid and Protection for All
  • U.S. citizen as Impaired and Diminished Status

Immigration and Naturalization

  • Naturalization Act of 1802
  • Right of Expatriation
  • Foreign Immigration and Naturalization
  • Naturalization Through Common Law Marriage
  • Deportation for Illegal Immigrants

Declaring Sovereign Citizenship

  • Jural Societies as Citizen states
  • Right of Popular Assembly and Redress of Grievances
  • Vision for a New America and the World
  • Liberty and Justice for All
  • Reclaim Your Sovereignty
  • Another World Order


  • Appendix I: News By Topic
  • Appendix II: News Alternatives
  • Appendix III: Mainstream News
  • Appendix IV: Facts, Government and Legal
  • Appendix V: Sovereignty and Freedom
  • Appendix VI: Bibliography
  • Appendix VII: Audio, Video and Film
  • Appendix VIII: Heroes and Political Prisoners



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