01. Truth Is An Endangered Species | Reclaiming the Sovereign Mind | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

The Sovereign’s Handbook will rock the foundations of your beliefs about history, law, economics and politics as you edge towards discovering the truth. You will discover that the federal U.S. government corporation has been bankrupt numerous times since 1933 and has systematically concealed this from the American people. Furthermore, “The United States Government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.”

You will find that Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are not lawful “money’’, but promissory notes obligating taxpayers and U.S. citizens to return income “taxes” to the Federal Reserve Bank, not the U.S. government. You will learn that the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) is a private, joint-stock trust, not part of the United States government. 

You will discover that all sovereign allodial land and lawful money (i.e., gold/silver) in the united states of America (usA) have been “hypothecated” since 1913 to the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) as collateral and payment against an un-payable federal debt. 

Your will find that all real estate, motor vehicles, birth certificates, national parks and forests, and the assets of all non-profit and for-profit corporations have been pledged as collateral against the federal, national debt – a debt that can never be paid off.

You will learn that you cannot tender payment of a debt with Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), only with lawful money. You will discover the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) and its foreign principals/creditors control the federal U.S. government corporation, and directs all legislative action and public policy through its lending and monetary policies. 

You will find the U.S. Congress is simply a “trustee” for the continued bankruptcy of the United States government corporation. 

You will discover the IRS is a collection agency for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) collecting from a bankrupt Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). Income tax does not go to the United States government, but to service your individual obligation toward the federal, national debt. Your income tax does not provide basic government services which are paid for through excise, sales and other taxes.     

 “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and the speaker a raving lunatic.” ~ Dresden James 

You will find that U.S. citizens cannot own lawful and sovereign allodial title to land unless you have updated the land patent, removed any encumbrances or liens and reclaimed your original status as an American National OR sovereign  “state” Citizen. 

When you purchased real estate, you received a “deed”, not an allodial title. A “deed” only represents equitable or beneficial interest in a trust property owned by the State acting as a trustee. Without an allodial title held in your sovereign  capacity, banks loaning you so-called “money” can attach a lien on your property until it’s “discharged” in full. 

If you fail to pay the mortgage the bank that financed the loan will foreclose on the real estate. Even if the real estate is paid in full with Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) after a thirty-year mortgage, you still do not hold the allodial title, only possession in fee simple.  

You will discover the U.S. government corporation has quit-claim deeded all the property in the united states of America (usA) to the foreign principles/creditors as collateral against an un-payable debt. Liens and encumbrances were placed upon the real estate as well.

You will learn that U.S. citizens do not own their “motor vehicles”. As trustee, the State holds the true title, and has legal ownership in the vehicle. You may get a “Certificate of Title” that certifies that you are a “beneficial holder”, not the owner. 

The legal owner has the right to require the “beneficial holder” to get it registered with State-issued plates, have a State-issued driver’s license and require insurance on their vehicle.   In essence, you are renting the use of a government-owned vehicle. Legislative intent of the Motor Vehicle Code is to regulate  the commercial operation of motor vehicles only. 

There are hidden liens and encumbrances on your “person”, your real estate and future productivity toward discharging an un-payable federal debt. You will find most Americans are fundamentally bankrupt, and have not been paid any real “money” for working in their entire lives. 

Wake Up America & the World

Until We the People get educated and protect what remains of your assets now, Americans may wake up one day, as Founding Father Thomas Jefferson forewarned, shake their weary heads and wonder what the heck happened? 

Homelessness and the proliferation of social, racial, sexual and political violence are advanced symptoms of undeclared State and federal bankruptcies and the dissolution of these united states of America (uSA). 

We the People and our political leaders have unwittingly “sold out” our country, our freedoms and our childrens future for generations to come in exchange for privileges, benefits, temporary entitlements and the short-term success of a privileged few.

U.S. Citizenship & U.S. Constitution

You will learn that “U.S. citizens” are not Citizens at all, but 14th Amendment subjects and property of the District of Columbia (D.C.)(i.e., Washington D.C., State of New Columbia), residents and franchisees of a bankrupt federal U.S. government corporation organized under the municipal law of the District of Columbia.

You will discover that the 1st Constitution for the united states of America and the Bill of Rights does not apply to “U.S. citizens”. U.S. citizens are federal U.S. government subjects and property ruled under “statutory”, Admiralty and Maritime law, Military and/or Martial law under the undisclosed presumption of an international adhesion contract. 

The gold-fringed Admiralty and Military flag, not the American flag, flies in the President’s oval office and in most of the so-called “courts” in this country. 

U.S. citizens have no constitutional protections or unalienable rights, only privileges and rights granted by the U.S. government. Legal “persons” born or naturalized in the federal United States were created exclusively by the 14th Amendment after the Civil War. Furthermore, the 14th Amendment, and other amendments as well, were never lawfully ratified. 

You will find that your vote is purely suggestive and does not directly elect, affect or create public law or policy. Your vote has also been made irrelevant by those who illegally and fraudulently “count the vote”. Your vote does though as a real estate owner obligate you to pay Municipal, County and State bonds through property taxes. “If your vote ever really changed anything, it would’ve been illegal a long time ago”.

You will learn that U.S. citizens are legally disabled, wards of the State, considered by judges and attorneys as nothing more than incompetent children incapable of making their own decisions, not acting judicially or with legal authority in their sovereign capacity. Your power as sovereign “state” Citizens has been stolen by stealth and deceit for generations.

Reclaim Your Power & Restore Accountability

We the People must reclaim our power to act judicially with legal authority and be able to stand in our sovereign capacity as “state” Citizens, and stop the government from acting on our behalf in their own self-interest without our knowledge or consent.  We the People must reclaim the American system of law and restore our unalienable sovereign rights in a constitutional Republic as the Founding Fathers intended. 

We the People have the unilateral power of declaration by affidavit and legal notice, the unlimited power and right to contract and to organize our affairs with little or no government involvement. We the People have the power to form grand juries to bring to justice public officials who are violating our unalienable or constitutionally protected rights under “color of law” via Title 42, oaths of office, bonds or other provisions of law. 

We the People must find a way to make our governments accountable to the U.S. Constitution, the sovereignty of We the People and the American system of law.  Have we so easily forgotten what “country” we live in? 

We will discover the federal “United States” government is a foreign corporation with regards to the “united states of America (usA)”, not the country we owe our allegiance.

We the People are sovereign, “state” Citizens and American Nationals under the supremacy of the state and federal constitutions. We the People unknowingly gave away our unalienable rights and property rights by becoming 14th Amendment “U.S. citizens” under the jurisdiction of the federal “United States” corporation.  

Social security benefits and the income tax, with few exceptions, are for foreign-earned income – voluntary contracts made mandatory only for federal government employees and U.S. citizens who receive social security benefits from the government and voluntarily sign their 1040 forms. 

We the People can lawfully reclaim our true, sovereign, American National OR “state” Citizenship and take back our government from those who would destroy our country for their own self-interest. To live free is to act according to one’s own conscience and take appropriate, non-violent action – a grand and noble purpose to live free in an unfree world.

“I used to have a country, but they sold it down the river.
Like a repossessed farm auctioned off to the highest bidder.” ~ Bruce Cockburn


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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.25 – 28


Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty 
(30th Anniversary Edition)
(3-Volume Printed, Bound Book or PDF)

A three-volume, 750+ page tome with an extensive update of the renowned underground classic ~ the Global Sovereign’s Handbook. Still after all these years, this is the most comprehensive book on sovereignty, economics, law, power structures and history ever written. Served as the primary research behind the best-selling Global One Audio Course.

To Be Released Spring 2022.


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