02. Physical, Mental & Emotional Sovereignty | Individual Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

Freedom is being effortlessly aligned with the Source of all creation. Awaken to knowing that within you IS THAT SOURCE, and that you are truly whole and complete exactly as you are. Awaken to knowing that you are response-able for creating your own reality and are empowered by natural law to create prosperity consciousness and abundance from that place. 


Prosperity consciousness and abundance is magnificently aligned with freedom.  Prosperity is not necessarily equivalent to having money, but a sign of true inner and outer wealth. Freedom of choice is not something we acquire by having money alone, though it supports our internal sovereignty by producing something of value and sharing it with others.

Freedom is a state of being. Freedom is more than just our ability to go places and buy things, but to navigate a vast inner world as well – to move freely in any direction or dimension without resistance. Integrity is defined as an alignment of our thoughts, words and deeds. 

And to be truly free old friend, you have to realize that you have the choice to declare your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional sovereignty. This is an inside job first and foremost. Very likely you know by now, what happens when the human race gives its sovereignty away to external authority? What would happen when the veil of secrecy is finally lifted to reveal the evolutionary moment when the millennia of domination by the Power structure and elite are done forever? 

As author and eminent researcher David Icke says so eloquently in his book, The Truth Shall Set You Free, “An elite few cannot dominate and control billions of people and create wars for their advantage unless thousands of millions are willing to be used as economic slaves and cannon fodder.” “Collective consciousness is the accumulation of the sum thoughts broadcasted each moment by the human race. These thoughts can be negative or positive. Presently, there’s an overwhelming vortex of negative thought forms and energy keeping the human collective consciousness grounded in the root chakra of fear and control.” 

“This applies to each and every species as well on Earth. Once you can manipulate the thoughts of one generation, it gets easier to impose your will on future generations because you now have the programmed parents and ‘leaders’ unknowingly working on your behalf. It’s a conspiracy to manipulate the human race’s sense of self and in doing so, the creation of its physical reality”.

Until each one of us takes back our sovereign mind, takes back our power, begins thinking and deciding for ourselves to live as co-creators in this beautiful universe, co-creating our own reality with the Divine, we may continue to be subject to intense mind control and legacy media manipulation that continues to rob us daily of our life force. 

For far too long human beings have allowed others to think for them and endorse other peoples ideas of who and what it is to be.  All Power structures are nourished on fear and negative energy whether family, tribe, religious or political. Furthermore, our own real or imagined fears, negative thoughts and reactions perpetuate this feeding frenzy by others with power over us. 

Each one of us must deprogram and recondition ourselves to the point of total “disillusionment”. Each one of us must commit ourselves to this steep learning curve, take back our sovereign mind, think for ourselves, boycott the legacy and alternative media narratives, read inspiring books, learn from history/herstory, listen to informative audios and podcasts, watch enlightening films and videos, attend brilliantine seminars and ultimately, discern what is true. 

This, my friends, is the root of “sovereignty education” – reclaiming and restoring your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional sovereignty, then accepting total responsibility for creating your own reality and the consequences therein. Then, and only then, may each of us explore and then declare our legal, economic and political sovereignty.

“We’ve been living in the age of darkness. Stoned cold eyes of steel.
Out of fear comes the need to control.
When will we rise up and let it go?
I’ve been praying for the Golden Age.
Warm smiles and eyes of soul
Grounded in love we build a whole new world. When will we wake up 
and let it be?
We’re living in a mighty vision of truth.
Stand together in our sovereignty.
Heart to heart we join in unity.
There will be justice and liberty”.
~ “Freedom” by Johnny Light from “Songs of the Soul”

Physical Affirmations

  1. Every breath cleanses and purifies my body.
  2. The water I drink maintains my body in supple, flowing youthfulness.
  3. The food I eat supports my body’s full energy and perfect weight.
  4. Exercise is a pleasure which my body desires and enjoys.
  5. I accept the loving touch of others as pleasurable, mutual healing.
  6. My outer senses and internal organs and the physical elements are in dynamic, balanced harmony. 

Mental Affirmations

  1. You have your own mind, your own thoughts, ideas and conclusions.
  2. One function of the mind is for memory or storage.
  3. Another function of the mind is for focusing thought and energy.
  4. You must train your mind to focus both intention and attention.
  5. You must learn to make distinctions in your own mind.
  6. To embrace higher truths, our way of thinking must shift to embrace the paradox.
  7. Mental sovereignty is about doing your own thinking and making your own choices.
  8. Come up with an original idea in 30 days or less.
  9. Defeat all mind control systems by being vigilant and perceptive.
  10. Reconsider political correctness
  11. Free yourself from blind spots that keep the same old mental patterns operating.
  12. Develop your mindset into a powerful attitude for achieving success in your life.

Emotional Affirmations

  1. I am courage.
  2. I am faith.
  3. I am kindness.
  4. I am contentment.
  5. I am joy.
  6. I am power.


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Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.54-56


Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty 
(30th Anniversary Edition)
(3-Volume Printed, Bound Book or PDF)

A three-volume, 750+ page tome with an extensive update of the renowned underground classic ~ the Global Sovereign’s Handbook. Still after all these years, this is the most comprehensive book on sovereignty, economics, law, power structures and history ever written. Served as the primary research behind the best-selling Global One Audio Course.

To Be Released Spring 2022.


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