02. Power & Control is the Name of the Game | Individual Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

By Johnny Liberty

Since before the dawn of so-called “civilization”, human beings, families and tribes, nations and states have been terrorized into submission by some bully – a “large man with a big club”

Meanwhile the victims, slaves and subjects of this abuse of power often rationalize their servitude with blind obedience, fear, guilt and shame. As Gandhi once hoped, “Civilization, that would be a good idea!”

Big bullies have too often, and for far too long, lorded over the weaker ones, either self-appointed themselves as Chief, or elected as President, or appointed as Prime Minister for protection against other bullies. As this Neanderthal author has often pondered, “We’re only a stone’s throw from the cave”.

Old friend, have you ever looked straight into a bullies eye and seen immense self-confidence and self-love? As a child when I looked into their eyes, I saw the same fear and terror they beat into their victims. Bullies are fooling other people into believing they are tough, strong and all powerful, but in their heart-of-hearts, they are weak. True power comes from a strength of character, from an inner integrity, not from the lethal force of large muscles, big guns, weapons and military machines of mass destruction.

Power and control has been the “name of the game” of human civilization since the dawn of time. Having or taking power and having control over other people has been achieved in the name of “fear and terror” for the sake of “safety and security”

This need for power and control over other people, and the planet itself, is symptomatic of a deeply rooted spiritual disease of disconnection, of separation from the essence of life. The need for power and control is in fact spiritual weakness and a deep-rooted insecurity and mistrust of the Universe, of God, of Source.

Ask yourself, who are the bullies in your life? Who makes the rules over your life? Is it the government or political leaders? Is it your parents, spouse, children, teachers, preachers, experts or professionals?  Or is it in part, all of the above?

The truth is that if you are not making the rules for your life, then someone else is making them for you. If you do not have the freedom and the sovereign mind to make rules to govern your own life, then you are not actually free. If you are not the sovereign in your life, then who is? Guaranteed, if you do not take responsibility for governing your life, you will be governed by “external authority”.

This notion of sovereignty is not really a great mystery. Instead, it is a well-kept secret, hidden from the masses of humanity for millennia. Sovereignty is simply having the freedom and presence of mind to make rules to govern your own life, on the sole condition that you do not infringe upon the rights, property or freedom of other people. Can you imagine such a world governed by “internal authority” instead of its opposite? 

The inconvenient truth is that the Global Power structure and elite does not want you to govern yourself whatsoever. Because if you did govern yourself, then “external authority” and millions of career politicians and bureaucrats would have to find other useful employment. We highly suggest creating a better life for yourself so as to become the fearless, emotionally empowered, self-governing rule-maker in your life – a free, sovereign human being.


  1. Wikiquote | Paraphrased quote by Gandhi.

Source: Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (30th Anniversary Edition), p.67-68


Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty 
(30th Anniversary Edition)
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A three-volume, 750+ page tome with an extensive update of the renowned underground classic ~ the Global Sovereign’s Handbook. Still after all these years, this is the most comprehensive book on sovereignty, economics, law, power structures and history ever written. Served as the primary research behind the best-selling Global One Audio Course.

To Be Released Spring 2022.


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